I'd like to know how to write (correctly) sounds that express a particular feeling.
Aargh! = ? how would you "translate" it? despair?
uh ? = ? hesitation?
dah! (duh?) = disgust?

Can you add others?

Can you also check the spelling?

Thank you!
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I use 'argh' a lot (spelling is freeform, depending on the depth of your despair-- or frustration and homicidal tendency, which is what I usually use it for)

I use 'uh', being of the North American persuasion, but I notice that many of my BrE colleagues have an affection for 'erm'.

'Duh!' to me is downright stupidity.

'Slurp' is a real word, and is for a soft drink or hamburger loaded (I certainly don't slurp my martinis).

I use 'Ak!' a lot, for physically or spiritually repellent things (that's why you don't see it in my posts here).

'Hmm'-- I am sure you are familiar with my use of this thought process, as I reluctantly come to the conclusion that I haven't a clue.

And then there is 'hooeee', which is an ecstatic sound that only we cowboys can make, like when we see a real tight pair of jeans or a cold frosty beer.

Hmm... I'm sure there are more, if I could only-- rats.
I use 'Ak!' a lot, for physically or spiritually repellent things (that's why you don't see it in my posts here).

Emotion: smile

There's also something like "uh huh"? when you acquiesce wordlessly? (is the spelling correct?)


And what could be the English equivalent of French "Beeerk!/Beurk!" ? "Ak"?
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'Uh-huh' – yes, acquiescence

'Uh-huh?' = 'that is quite a boring statement; but I am nonetheless politely simulating interest'

'Uh-oh' – 'something is amiss here'

'Yuk!' = 'beeerk!'

'Euuugh!', pronounced 'ee-you' = 'yuk!' (mostly used by females)

'Aaahhh!', with downward glide – noise made (again, mostly by females, or ironic males) over something 'cute'

'Praaarrppp!' – a Joycean fart

'Burp!' – a belch

'Eek!' – noise made on sighting a mouse

'Oi!' – loudly, to attract someone's attention in the street (BrE?)

'Oi'!' – indignant noise; a guinea pig has just whipped a sizzling sausage 'off of' your plate.

'Sheesh!' – noise of incredulity

'Oi!' – loudly, to attract someone's attention in the street (BrE?)

BrE? Definitely! In the U.S. it's half of the Jewish expression Oy Vey!

My contribution (the result of faithful comic reading)

'Ah hah!' - used when you stumble upon something interesting.

'Ahoy!' - sailor special

'Ahem!' - to clear the throat or to make ones presence felt.

'Ugh!' - to express disgust

'Grrrrr!' - doggy special - sometimes used by humans too Emotion: wink

'Whoa!' - stop, slow down

'Awww' - mostly used to sympathise

'cackle' - chicken special - humans cackle too Emotion: smile

'chuckle' - sort of a small laugh

'gee' - surprise, enthusiasm or sympathy

'thump' - heavy footsteps

'screech' - car tyres

'splish splosh' - walking through a puddle of water

'tic toc' - ticking of a clock or walking with pencil heels

'kerplunk' -

'whoosh' - windy sound

'eh?' - more often used after a question

'plonk' -

'whack' - sound of a good whack

'swish' - trees and lovely dresses make that sound

'ha ha ha' - a good laugh

'he he he' - a sly laugh

'ho ho ho' - Santa laughs

'oooh' - to droole (like drooling over George Clooney) Emotion: wink

'Sigh!' - to sigh of course

'grunt' - one of the sounds used to show disapproval or irritation

'Er' or ‘Umm’- the pause-to-think sound

'boom' - that could signify a blast

'sputter' - when car engines aren't so co-operative

'vrrooom' - lovely bikes/sports cars make that sound

'smooch' - definitely a kiss

‘gurgle’ – baby talk or sound of water

‘tut tut’ – to show dislike or anger

‘poof’ – disappearing sound

‘chomp’ –that is Jughead with a large burger

‘grrrrowl’ – another doggy/tiger special

‘tweet tweet’ – birdy sound

‘woof woof’ – typical dog bark

‘pop’ – opening a champagne bottle

scream, shout, roar, howl, bellow, squeal, holler, shriek, screech

‘sniff’ – when you have a bad cold or are crying

‘giggle’ – small laughs

BIF! BAM! POW! – that's Popeye after eating spinach

SPLAT! – sounds like a cake just landed on someone's face!

‘KRACK’ or ‘ZZZAP’ – electrocution

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This is wonderful!
Thank you!
Emotion: big smile most welcome, pieanne!
Wonderful, Benita!

Another couple:

1. 'Oo-er!' – humorous response to:

a) a saucy "Carry On film"-style joke or comment
b) something disconcerting

(Often extended to 'Oo-er, missus!')

2. 'ooOOoo!' [starts on a low pitch, goes higher, returns to somewhere in the middle] – noise made after:

a) someone else has made a particularly bitchy comment

b) someone else has made a threat they are obviously incapable of carrying out.

Audiences on game shows seem to like this one.

(These may be BrE-only.)

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