The line graph illustrates the amount of everage carbon dioxide (CO2) which each person in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy and Portugal gave off from 1967 to 2007.

Overall, it is clear that the quantity of CO2 emission per person increased in Italy and Portugal, in contrast to the expected decrease in the other countries.

In 1967, over 1 ton of CO2 was discharged by one individual in Portugal. This fugure continued going up steadily throughout the years and reached the highest point was around 6 tons in 2007. Generally, a person in Italy emittted CO2 more than one in Portugal. With over 4 tons CO2 in 1967, there was a continual rise to about 6 tons and 8 tons in 1977 and 2007, respectively.

The amount of CO2 emissions per person in Sweden grew from about 9 tons in 1967 to over 10 tons in 1977. However, over the period, the amount in the United Kingdom remained stably about 11 tons. In the following decades, the trend declined significantly to about 7 tons and 9 tons in 1987 and 2007, respectively. Like Sweden, in 1977-2007 period, it decreased gradually to about 9 tons in 2007.


Can you show us the graph please?

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