The bar chart compares the proportion of first-time mothers of different ages in three separate years (1966, 1986 and 2006).

Overall, the age at which women gave birth to their first child increased over the period shown. There was an overall downward trend in the percentage of first-time mothers aged 30 or under, while women aged 30 and over saw the opposite trend.

In 1966, the majority of women (over 60%) were aged between 20 and 24 years old when delivering their first child, compared to around 35% who were young mothers, aged 19 or under. After forty years, these figures dropped sharply to around 34% and 15%, respectively. The 25-30 age group saw a slightly different pattern, with a rise of around 15% during the first 20 years, followed by a decline of nearly 10% twenty years later, down to just over 40%.

Turning to the remaining age categories, the proportions of 30-34s and 34-39s who were first-time mothers experienced dramatic increases over the 40-year-period, from approximately 13% to 47% and from 8% to 30%, accordingly. The figures for women aged 40 or over remained relatively stable at around 2% and 4% during the same period.

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The chart below gives information about the age of women in Australia when they gave birth to their first child in 1966, 1986 and 2006.

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