Growing violence in schools is raising the awareness of parents and teachers. Show the reasons and solutions.

Violence which occurs among the students’ community is regarded as one of the hottest issues nowadays. I think there are some certain original reasons for this action, and both the board of education and parents can take some strict steps to make it under control.

On the one hand, school violence can be blamed on some following reasons. First and foremost, there is no question of the negative influence of the Internet on children’s psychological development. As a result of the massive existence of violent models from gameshows and films such as supermen and wonder women, small students are increasingly transforming themselves into the same version of these attractive figures. Consequently, the trend of becoming obssessed with injuring and punching others is unavoidable. Besides, the academic failures and petty conflicts with peers also raise resentment among students. They are about to fall into hopelessness and soon view violence as a way to reduce stress and studying pressure. Moreover, lack of parental care and education can be listed as one of the causes contributing to their young children’s delinquent behaviours. The less attention parents pay to their young, the more disappointed children feel because they do not think they are being treated well.

On the other hand, there are some useful measures schools and parents should take to prevent the growth of violence in schools. Most importantly, it is the responsibility of parents and teachers to educate teenage groups in such a careful and thorough way. For example, on teaching and learning strategy, schoolteachers should distribute specific facts and consequences of school violence to their students so that they will be fully aware of negative impacts of these immoral actions on their relationship and mental lives. Last but not least,there is a fact that teenagers have a tendency to use social media much more than ever before. As a result, people, especially National Department of Education and Training, can take advantage of the media’s popularity as well as its fast-moving speed to spread instructive lessons to young generations. It is such the best way to influence them directly. Therefore, the number of violence circumstances may be reduced dramatically and academic environment can help both parents and students feel secure about safe educational future.

In conclusion, growing violence at schools is always a noticeable problem that stems from many typical factors such as daily arguments or crazily violent images on the Internet. However, people can reduce it by educating students through means of lessons or the media.

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