The internet has transformed lives and economies but it is turning the world into a global village. Soon everybody will think and behave in the same way.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Over the last few decades, the incredible development of the Internet has changed dramatically the lives and personal finance of human beings. There are different views about whether the interactive connection between people established by the Internet will make them behave in the same way. In my opinion, this proposal may become true in several but not all certain extents.

On the one hand, there is no question of the fact that the Internet has transformed lives and economies against the clock. Obviously, the Internet has born people a brand new way of communication. Thanks to its wide satellite network, video calls on social media such as Facebook, Zalo and Instagram can be made easily between two or even more users. As a consequence, not only does the Net cater for entertainment and chatting purposes, it also really helps to impulse the financial backgrounds. In fact, there are many business negotiations conducted on the Internet because of its fast-moving speed and time-consuming features. Moreover, a great number of sellers in terms of clothes and cosmetics have changed their ways of marketing their products from traditional methods such as opening a fixed store to on-line selling ones, for example advertising the goods on the Internet. Therefore, the Internet is undoubtedly both useful and influential on the humans’ lives and economies.

On the other hand, the augmentation of using the Internet too much raises an issue that the world will be packed with individuals acting in the same way. The fact is that the more popular and attractive a trend is, the more likely people will be to follow identical things. For instance, a shocking quote existing on the Internet will soon become known and spoken among youngters’ communitiy. What an unimaginable thing but it is definitely real. However, I do not totally agree that all people will do the same things for the same reasons in the same time just due to the Internet. An explanation for this is that different people do not lean completely on the Internet to say or think but try to take advantage of it to give them a push in creating and achieving their goals. Actually, although there is a great number of vloggers today, not all of their videos are alike. And they are always determined to produce massive series of new vlogs to confirm their own identity and characteristics.

In conclusion, there is no doubt about the positive impacts of the Internet on changing lives and economies. Even sometimes, it makes people become the version of others such as the young’s manners but many people still try to be themselves and will never be affected by the things happening on the virtual world.

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