Some people think that the media should be allowed to publicize information of someone’s private life while others believe that the media should be regulated in this regard. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

While some individuals consider that mass media should be permitted to circulate personal details of anyone in public, privacy advocates feel that this should be under regulation. There are valid points supporting each side.

Authorizing the media to broadcast private-related information of any person may have some benefits. Firstly, this might provide public safety as news channels can expose those who are corrupt and cruel to the society, allowing federal authorities to further investigate them. Secondly, audiences of talk shows and podcasts may gain insights or inspirations from role models such as star athletes and famous celebrities who usually guest on TV and radio programs and narrate their exclusive stories toward success. Finally, magazines and newspaper articles can publish other people’s failures related to business, relationships and work which might help readers to understand and avoid such mistakes. Indeed, allowing all forms of media to be used as a tool to share anyone's personal life is a huge advantage for the community.

On the other hand, it is understandable why people want the media to establish guidelines in terms of broadcasting a person’s private life. These parameters protect individuals’ privacy rights, which may be vulnerable in the eyes of some journalists who might abuse and justify their license to snoop somebody else’s business and distribute intimate or sensitive details publicly, such as wedding or nude photos, without getting the consent of parties involved. This is also to ensure that no one’s reputation is being tarnished because of false accusations that are typically sensationalized by tabloid newspapers and online social media. Furthermore, public harassment and discrimination, which often happen when one’s confidential information is leaked by the press, may be prevented if news organizations are bounded with privacy laws set by the media regulatory authorities.

In conclusion, empowering the media to disclose anybody’s personal details in public has a positive impact to the society but it is crucial to have a set of rules in order to avoid misuse of power. In my opinion, I support both arguments since this is the only way to uphold transparency and fairness, which are the fundamentals of responsible journalism.


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