Failure is proof that the desire wasn’t strong enough. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement.

Facing difficulties and obstacles in daily life is inevitable. People tend o blame weak inspiration as the precursor of their inability to record achievements. This essay agrees to a certain extent that one’s success or failure is associated with the strength of their willingness, while concerns over the factors of failure linked to either the result of overestimating themselves or the drive of external elements.
First and foremost, great desire is one of the major contributors to success. Inevitably, inspiration is playing a pivotal role when one simultaneously and arduously try to achieve their goals. In other words, the power of will is what it is all about. Thomas Edison and his inexhaustible ability are the typical illustrations for this standpoint. Before successfully inventing the present-day light bulb, 999 samples have been aborted, and humankind owes him great thankfulness.
On the other hand, however, multiple reasons might be taken into consideration in observing what negatively affects the final results. Firstly, many of the aims are either too far-fetched or not realistic However hard they try, it would be impossible for them to achieve. For instance, people are incapable of reaching the summit of mount Olympus because it is simply inexistent. Other factors such as social demands, timings, health status also decide how much percentage of people’s success. As a result, consideration might be carefully recalled before sacrificing efforts for them.
In conclusion, weak inspiration is not always the main reason for fruitless goals. As to achieve ambitions, people should not only gradually focus on their will but also take diverse objective factors into favor.

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