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Topic: What are the benefits of learning skills in the modern world?


In our modern busy world nowadays, we no longer solely rely on academic knowledge to achieve success as many problems we face these days require a lot of skills to solve. Therefore, it is undeniable that learing skills these days is extremely beneficial for us.

First, skills can help us flexibly mitigate numerous conflicts in our work or study. Modern world demands co-operation among people, and when working with others often leads to a higher possibility of contradiction as a result of differences of characteristics. As a student, I have worked in group many times, and have seen many leaders solving things. Some turn a blind eye to the problems partly because they do not know how to solve them, where as some are willing to face up to them, finding the best solution by persuasion skill and listening skill, regardless of their difference. Needless to say, the second case always produce better results, and the bonds among members improve, too.

Second, skills is vital to dealing with our stress. It has been reported that more and more people commit suicide by virtue of the enormous stress they face in everyday life. Therefore, we need some particular skills to protect our mental health. For example, one need emotion-controlling skill to balance your mind world, protecting yourself from negative emotions. Or one need time management skill to avoid too much pressure from work and study, instead making some room for entertainment to be full of beans again. It is easy to find that many schools nowadays have adopted these skills and taught them to the students, which shows how important these skills are.

In conclusion, skills are undoubtedly conducive to our happiness and success in our life. Thanks to them, we can not only deal with external difficulties like conflicts and contradiction but also internal ones like stress in order to cope with the modern world.

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