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It is true that never has our ecosystem been as fragile and as precious as it is today, and how to best address those critical issues is an ongoing debate. There are many ways to reduce environmental degradation, one of which is the higher cost of fuel. However, I personally disagree with this idea for a number of reasons, which will be outlined in this essay.

On the one hand, the idea that increases fuel price can solve the world’s environmental issues have a number of benefits if it works. Most fuel is non-renewable energy, the reliance on fossil fuel was the main cause of ecological crisis such as the greenhouse effect, air pollution, ozone layer depletion,… If the cost of fuel rises, the industrial operation reduces the dependence on fossil fuel, so there will be a huge positive impact on the environment. Much renewable energy can be given preference to save money. Therefore, environmental problems are supposed to be alleviated.

On the other hand, we can not assure that when we increase the price of fuel, companies will use the alternative sources of energy to manufacture or they simultaneously increase the cost of the output which will affect the customers, especially the poor and the vulnerable. As a result, a higher cost of fuel must not be the main measure of saving the ecosystem. It can be seen that many other solutions can also contribute to progress. Take for example, everyone can assist in the effort to alleviate environmental problems in the local community through simple actions such as recycling waste or planting a tree in their garden.

In conclusion, although increasing the cost of fuel can lead to numerous beneficial advantages, reducing the reliance on fuel alone is not the key to solve the problems. In my opinion, there is no best way to do this as different measures need to be taken at the same time.


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