Students should be taught academic knowledge so that they can pass exams, and skills such as cooking or dressing should not be taught. To what extent do you agree/disagree?


Some people argued that in order to pass exams, students should only study academic subjects. Therefore, other skills such as cooking or dressing are unnecessary to be taught. I disagree with this statement because I believe educators should not value too much on exams and vital skills such as cooking and dressing should be educated as it leads students to an independent life and allows them to have more relationships.

To begin with, the education that places too much emphasis on exams could result in the lack of social skills of students. Granted, due to the fearing of failing exams, nowadays, students spend the majority of their time studying. As a result, the time that they spend on recreational and social activities are increasingly limited, leading to the lack of interpersonal skills of these students. For example, in many Vietnamese schools for the gifted, students always under considerable pressure of academic challenges. Hence, they spend most of their time to attend extra class and consequently ignore other aspects of life. Indeed, a recent study found that these students are rather restricted in terms of verbal and diplomatic abilities.

By acquiring practical skills such as cooking and dressing, students can develop an independent lifestyle. Admittedly, knowing how to cook can help them to survive in many different living conditions. Without this skill, students would be forced to consume foods from the outside which are sometimes poisonous and dirty. Recent research concluded that hundreds of Vietnamese university students get food poisoning because of eating rotten or mouldy foods cooked from the street. Additionally, learning how to dress suitably would help students to gain respects from others, thus, allowing them to establish relationships with others.

In conclusion, I believe that instead of educating for only passing exams, educators should encourage students to take part in social activities, and some vital skills such as cooking and dressing should be a part of school’s curriculum as it helps students to become independent and forge relationships.

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