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writing task 2: Environmental protection should be the responsibility of politicians, not individuals as individuals can do too little. To what extend do you agree or disagree?


Some people believe that politicians should shoulder the responsibility to conserve the environment, not ordinary citizens because they just can make minor contributions. While environmental protection should be responsible to politicians, I disagree with the view that individuals’ actions to preserve the environment should be underestimated.
On the one hand, politicians are who have a significant impact on society and government because of their deep knowledge in all most fields; thus, they should be responsible for environmental preservation. Such people enable to urge the government to impose rigid regulations against actions that harm the environment. For instance, introducing a prohibition on companies from using packaging made from unfriendly material can make the overuse of plastic stuff limited. One more example is that the government should carry out heavy punishments as long-term imprisonment or fines on those who chop down trees illegally. Therefore, the deforested rate can reduce; inhabitants of forests can be conserved; especially, rare plants and animals. Furthermore, such people not only have a domestic voice, but they also can corporate with those who are work in the same major as them in other countries to conduct Globa environmental-protection projects and assist each other.
On the other hand, individuals can have a positive impact on environmental conservation because many minor actions can contribute to alleviating environmental pollution dramatically. In fact, there are a large number of methods that people can do to protect this planet; some of them will be listed below. First, people can choose public transportation instead of private vehicles; that can decline the considerable amount of gas emissions. Second, consuming eco-friendly materials such as straw made of bamboo instead of plastics can lead to less non-biodegradable products in the environment. Finally, citizens should take part in social activities such as tree-planting activities, picking up trash floating on water, and Earth hour event.
In conclusion, although initiatives are of great importance in environmental protection, citizens’ role in this process should be taken into consideration.

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