The given Pies graphs illustrate the percentages of five different sources of energy measured in America over a period of ten years from 1980 to 1990.

Overall, it is noted that while oil held the largest proportion of the main sources of energy in the US, hydroelectric power accounts for the smallest one.

As can be seen from the charts, Oil held a lion’ share of energy resources in the US at 43% in 1980 however, it then lost momentum and shrank to 33% in 1990. The consumption of coal merely increased from 22% to 27%; in contrast, natural gas experienced a slight decreased to 25%.

In terms of nuclear power, there was a dramatic upward trend to 10%, which was as twice as much as that in 1980. Besides, the figure for hydroelectric power hit the plateau at 5%, which reached a bottom of the energy over the surveyed period.

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