Question: An increasing trend nowadays is for young adults to play computer games. Some people say this is a negative development. Discuss and give your opinion.


Nowadays, the Internet has increasingly developed. Therefore, the young adults has approached to play computer games. A number of people that this is a negative development. But in my opinion, positive or negative development all depend on who play computer games.

First, we can't deny the role of the Internet in today's life. We use the Internet for work, entertainment, etc ... And one of the forms of relax of today's teenager is play computer games on the Internet. If they play just to relax and entertainment, no problem. But if they are addicted to play computer games then that is worrisome. They'll kill time all day on a computer. Their eyes will suffer from myopia. In addition, if they play the violent games, they'll be infected with such action in games and maybe cause harm for the family and social. It is a disturbing thing!!!

In conclusion, we must know how to use the Internet effectively, especially the young adults. Should only play computer games about an hour per day and play healthy games, age appropriate. That is how to use the Internet actively and properly.

Teacher, check it for me and give me my point if this was exam IELTS tasks 2, help me!!! Thank you so much!

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