I want to ask about

1-how to write a dissertation

2-How to choose a topic after the internship

3-and if I want to work my thesis in the way of comparaison between the developed countries and the developing ones ,can I do so??
and the case study will be about the company where i did my inetrnship (it's about the developed countries)

Thank you
A dissertation is a research paper frequently required to get a higher degree (Masters, PhD) at a university.

After admission, you can talk to your research adviser about selecting the subject matter, and level of depth or detail. Each school has standard formats for publication.
Many of these papers are available on the Internet, so you can read a few of them as examples of what is expected.

Here is some information:

Google 'how to write a dissertation' and you will find plenty of information.

For example,
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thank you
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