Hello, my letter is sort of painful. I need to write a letter to a judge explaining why I did not take care of my ticket on the required time...then I need to ask him for an extention. I really have no idea in the world what the best approach would be to this matter and was wondering if you had any suggestions.

Dear Ms. Texas,

You can look at how Ms. Martha Stewart wrote to a judge asking for leniency.

You need provide us with a draft for us to help you. Please .

Hope that helps.


To your Honorable Judge,

I am writing you this letter in regards to a warrant thats out for my arest, because I did not finish serving my 3 weekends at the sutter county jail. I am here to throw myself at the mercy of the court. And would like to ask you to please give me another chance.To take care of this. I am no longer living yuba city. I have relocated to Riverside,Ca and have been blessed with a good job .I have been trying to get my life back on the right track. and do the right things. Is there any way possible that I can pay the court for the remaining days that I owe the county? And if this is possible will the warrant for my arest then be removed? Your Honor I am ready to take care of this as soon as I possibly can. I want to thank you for taking the time to read my request.I will be waiting to hear from the court. To find out what your desicion is going to be.

Thank you,
Sincerely Yours,
Michelle Elizebeth Shumpert.

case number; 14601.1(a) VC 1203.2(A) 1320(A).
my address is;
5165 Wenetchee Way
Riverside,Ca 92509
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I think that sounds decent, but I'd work more on your punctuation and spelling
Your honor I am xxxxxr mom xxxxxxxxxr frist I want to thank you for sending my son to prison he has change his life around my son has the tools he needs to get out of prison and take care of his family. Since being incarcerated he has taken advantage of all the program's they have too offer and he's also learn that drug's are not the way too live his life. My son has his family and god on his side. So would you consider releasing him from prison. Thank you again xxxxxxxxxxxxv.
I think this is a great letter.
You have some mistakes,but they just make your letter seem more honest and more sincere. If the judge is a good man, you will touch his heart.

Good luck to your son, and to you!

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