Hello, I've just finished writting my letter for studying abroad, after reading some threads in this forum, i decided to sign up with hope that somebody will check it. Thanks in advance. So there it is :


I’m finishing my secondary school this year and I want to apply in University course “Course“ in Town. I always wanted to continue my life working with the computers because I think that’s my possibility to make very much in the future and make a successful career.

It took some time for me to choose course, but finally I’ve chosen “Course”. I think that’s best course for me, because it contains interesting subjects of education and even the technical and theoretical skills. At school where I study, the Information Technologies course was not my start of working with computers. Before that I’ve been reading many books about computers and that helped me to be best in class. I’ve helped many friends with their computers and even repaired them when they were damaged. I made some sites on the internet, which was great success for me and worked in some software translation projects, translated software from English language to Lithuanian.

I want to study abroad because later I will have better possibilities to get work on other Europe Union countries and get much experience. The studying will not be hard thing for me, because all subjects are interesting and I’ve always wanted to know how to do something more than I do now. The most important thing is that I love working with computers and I want to make great career and do very much in Computer range.

In my real life I love communicate and make new friends, so living in a new place will not be hard thing for me. When I was fifteen years old, I’ve started to make disco’s in my school, because I think that it’s unimaginable thing to live without music. Music helps me to get into life .

I think Graduating abroad can change my life and can help me to make succesful future because I will learn much things which I haven‘t learned in Secondary School.

Thanks for reading my application. I‘m looking forward for your reply.

Sincerely Yours,

i think you should start with "Dear Sir of Madam" or "Dear Mr ......" and end aequatly with "Yours faithfully" or "Yours sincerely"
This is really useful. Thank you very much.