Topic Many people are traveling to other countries. Why? It is positive or negative development?

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In this day and age, most people tend to travel to different countries. From my point of view, I believe this trend has both advantages and disadvantages effects. In this essay, I will try to address the tendency’s causes and discuss its impacts.

Visiting other countries is an interest of today’s people. Firstly, it cannot be denied that everyone wants to spend their time on holiday after the working-hard period. Thanks to the development of the airplane, it takes much easier to go abroad at a suitable cost. Secondly, foreigners can discover new cultures, breathtaking scenes, which broaden our horizons. Therefore, tourism is on an unprecedented scale in modern life.
Traveling abroad has both negative and positive effects on development. On the one hand, the tourism trade is vital or some economics. It creates employment in services. Foreign tourists contribute to the economy of the host country with the money they spend on a wide range of goods and services, including foods, souvenirs, or accommodation for travel. Moreover, travel abroad can help people establish a relationship, which opens social communication. On top of that, it leads to the interchange of culture, food, etc. Viet Nam, for instance, a long time ago, known as the country of war. However, nowadays, Viet Nam has a step of development. It is famous for food, hospitality, or scenes.
On the other hand, tourism creates pollution and waste. The more people travel, the more trash has been released to the environment. It puts pressure on environmental protection. Besides, the number of excessive buildings such as hotels or roads will destroy natural habitats and special landscapes, which poses a threat to wildlife.
In conclusion, traveling to other countries is an inevitable trend. It can cause benefits and drawbacks either.

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