The given maps depict the original state of an Art Centre in the year 2010 as well as the development until the current time.

Overall, it could be seen that the Art Centre has experienced considerable renovation in terms of both interior and exterior facilities. Meanwhile, the number of sections has remained relatively unchanged.

Regarding the 2010 map, the Art Centre was located to the south of a road, with an open air car park running alongside the road and in front of the main building. Inside the main section, there was a cinema on the eastern side, connected to a theatre with 200 seats on the opposite. Meanwhile, there was a cafe situated at the bottom right corner from the theatre. Also, there were three art galleries adjacent to the main building, but not quite lined up to each other.

Moving to the second map, the first noticeable change is that the car park has been upgraded to a multipurpose one. Besides, the main building now is connected to the main road via a recently paved side road. Within the main part of the centre, while both the theatre and the cafe have witnessed some expansions – particularly 100 seats added to the theatre – the original cinema has been converted into one unified art gallery. Lastly, the old art galleries were demolished with three new cinema screens being built, moving more into the centred view compared with the main building.


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