The given line graph provides a comparison of the proportion of birth rates in China and the USA over a duration of 80 years, starting from 1920

From an overall perspective, it is obvious that both rates experienced a downward trend during the period from 1920-2000. We can also see that although the two trends were similar in terms of decline and were highest in 1950, the birth rates of the USA in most years were higher than that of China.

China’s birth rates rose from around 10 percent in the 1920s to 15 percent in 1935. Then it dropped sharply to around 5 percent in both 1940 and 1945. It reached a peak of 20 percent in 1950. After that, it fell dramatically to less than 10 percent in 1955. Finally, it decreased steadily to about 2 percent in 1980 and remained stable at this level until 2000.

Meanwhile, in the same period, USA’s birth rates reached a plateau from 1920 and hit a low of 7 percent in 1945. The year 1950 saw a sharp growth in that of the USA. However, it fell gradually in 1985 and leveled off until 2000.


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