The two images depict the layout of the same public
park as it was in the year 1920 and at present. Overall, it is evident that despite apparently dramatic adjustments, the park still retains the basic elements of flowers, water, seating, and music, with the addition of entertainment facilities such as a café and play venue.

One of the most notable is the disappearance of the fountain located in the park center, with a large stage for musicians on the left. At present, the former was converted into a large rose garden surrounded by many seats, while the latter was cleared to make way for an amphitheater for concerts. In addition, there was two main entrance, one to the north of the park on Arnold Avenue and the remaining one to the south on Eldon street, but now one more entrance was erected from the underground car park to make access more convenient for visitors.

There has been a decrease in the total number of rose gardens, from 3 in 1920 to 1 at present. Furthermore, the northeastern corner used to be space for a pond for water plants, whereas the southeastern one was for a glasshouse. However, they are now substituted by a café, a children's play area, and a water feature respectively.

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