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What does "wussified" mean? Thanks!
Wuss is a slang word (insult) meaning weak or ineffectual.

Someone has turned that into a new word 'wussified'. You'll have to deduce the exact meaning from the context.
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Thanks, Nona, that's helped. I had never heard it before.

(I forgot to log in before I posted my question).
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Thanks! I made a search before posting, but I searched the adjective, so I didn't find that thread.

(By the way, must I change the "Non resolved" status icon to a "Resolved" one? If so, how can I do it?)

Some people consider 'wuss' to be derived from a source that has a sexual connotation. So, I wouldn't say it to my grandmother, or perhaps even to my female colleagues.

Best wishes, Clive
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