Hello to everybody who has seen the newest X-man movie.

NOTE: If you have not seen the movie yet, but you are planing on do so, don't read any further!!

OK, try to think of the very end of the movie, where Magneto is sitting by the chess board. All right, now when he streches his hand toward the chess figuere and holds it there, DOES the chess figure ( a rook I believe) move???

Some of my friend insist on that it DID move, a very tiny bit. I did not see it, even though I saw the movie TWICE!

What do you think, how did you observe it?

It did, but who cares? X-Men 3 was terrible. It's a shame because X2 was so great. Bryan Singer better have made a great movie with Superman Returns in order to justify his abandonment of the X-Men franchise.
Well, I care! The movie was not terrible! X2 was clearly better but X3 was good. It is important because it tells if an X4 will come out. Besides my friends and I have this thing going on...

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Yes it does move.