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I've come across a sentence that I don't understand at all, well, I have always wanted to know this thing, but, never got a clear reply to it.

"Ariel, who was invisible to all eyes but to Prospero's" --> The sentence means that Ariel was invisible to all except to Prospero, doesn't it?

Is the sentence simplified or something? Could it come from "Ariel, who was invisible to all eyes but wasn't to Propero's"? Emotion: tongue tied (It sounds weird!)

"But" isn't a linker here, is it? If it were, could we use another one? or, it only works with "but"?

Thanks in advance for your help!
Hey there,
I know "but" can mean "except" when it's used in certain structures... it's usually used with "nobody, no one, everyone, etc."...

Everyone but Peter attended the meeting. (= Peter didn't)
You'll never get anything but a few dollars (= you'll only get a few dollars at best)

So Prospero's eyes could see Ariel, all the others couldn't. Emotion: smile
but is a preposition meaning except in this sentence, not a conjunction connecting clauses.

... was not visible to anyone except (to) Prospero.

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Thank you for your replies, guys!:)

Just one more thing, if I write "I like all type of music but classical" it means that I classical music if the only one I don't like, doesn't it?

Thanks again!
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It means that I classical music if is the only one I don't like, doesn't it?


Thank you for your corrections and your help, Jim!:)

..I really don't know what I have written there!