Hi could you possibly give me a sample of a letter written in 1880, just wondering on the style of writing and type of english used
Found here:http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~anncarson/Borthwick/jbliverpool.htm

John's letter to his brother in Australia, July 1843
The following letter is written by John Borthwick in July 1843, to a brother William Murray BORTHWICK, who had left the UK 10 years earlier.

3 Cresswell Street
Everton Liverpool
July 1843

My dear Brother

When yours of October 1841 was forwarded to me from Scotland, I lost no time in writing and sending a parle (?) of Scotsman newspapers at the same time, & a second, & now a third time I have written to you in the same way; but not having got another letter, I feel quite discouraged. In my other letters which I trust you received, I mentioned all the deaths connected with our family, viz, Father [an indecipherable word or letter] Mother Theressia, brother Alexander, 2 of his children, & Betty's only daughter, and my only son, which took place a little before you left England. I had a letter from Robert a few weeks ago, & Jean was on a visit with him at Philadelphia, Jean has only two children left, big Agnus [Angus? Agnes?], & John, both at maturity - Robert has one son and two daughters. Isabella is in her usual state of health, and May is on a visit with Betty at Glasgow who is doing very well, she has 18 cows, at present.

Alexander's family, by Betty's assistance is doing wonders, they are industrious, & has got 4 cows in Glasgow.

Mr Thomas Paterson is here in the coal business, and in very reduced condition, with a wife and 3 children, he is a frail looking old man. Mr John Paterson is in the old place, and the last time Mr Thomas heard of James, he was about Lanark in his usual way. You must have observed the disruption in the Church of Scotland - nearly 500 of the best ministers with Dr Chalmers have come out; but as you will see all national matters in the newspapers I shall not notice them here.

We are all very concerned about your health but trust that God in his goodness may strengthen and long preserve you to your family. Apart from your own health, I am glad to see that your family have been fortunate in every way. Isabella joins me in kindest love to you and Mrs Borthwick, & every one of the family. Trusting to have a letter from you soon, I remain

My dear Brother,
Your affectionate brother
John Borthwick
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