hi guys,

If I wrote I have one year's experience, is it year's (as opposed to years) as I'm only writing about one year?

Thanks in advance!

I don't quite understand your question. One year's experience means one year of experience, not two or three.
By the way, say a year of experience.
Sorry, I was a bit vague. If I said I have a year's experience then presumably you use year's (as opposed to years) but if you say three years experience then it's years (as opposed to year's) as you are referring to more than one year?

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I believe you are right but bear in mind, your structure is considered unnatural.
Thanks new2grammar, do other people agree that I am right???
You are correct. Because you're using year in the possessive. It's not unnatural, just as we say New Year's eve.

I've got a year's worth of peaches in my cellar.
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I have 27 years' experience or I have 27 year's experience?
27 years' experience
27 years of experience