Late night curiosity is getting the better of me...

Are these sentences technically correct?



Feel free to choose any ending punctuation. If they are correct, what is their structure?
Have I understood this correctly? You are asking if "Yes" is a valid sentence all by itself? And the same for "No"?

What an EXCELLENT question!

I would say yes. That's just an opinion, of course, not a rule I looked up somewhere, but I reckon I can justify it. Some languages - the Irish language, for example - do not have the words "Yes" or "No" in their vocabulary. They simply don't exist. When you translate "Yes" into Irish, it becomes "This is so", or some other, similar phrase depending on the question being asked. So, if "yes" can be translated into "this is so" and similar, then perhaps it means "this is so" (and similar) ... in which case it contains its own verb, and is a sentence.

What's your view, Chameleon? I have a sneaking suspicion we won't find an answer to this one in a rule book. We're on our own here.

last night curiosity is getting the bed time for me.

no, it's not correct.
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Maybe these are special interjections in the same family as :


They are special because they can take any kind of punctuation. They just happen to be rational interjections, not emotional ones (at least not usually...hehe).