Hello Teacher!

1.He ha not yet come.

2.He has not come yet.

Which one is correct?

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Register (also called "social register") refers to the social situation that the expression is most typical of. We can express our ideas in very elegant, literary language (Register 3), in the ordinary, educated speech of every day, whether in schools, or at a place of business, at work, or out shopping or dining (Register 2), or in much more relaxed and informal situations with our friends, using common idioms of slang or so-called "popular" speech (Register 1). Vulgarities are normally considered Register 0.

Most courses to teach a language to a non-speaker of that language begin with a focus on Register 2, possibly with readings in Register 3. Only later is Register 1 encountered, Register 0 practically never.

Individual words are not fixed in one register in any way. The registers form a continuous band throughout the entire vocabulary of the language. Obviously the function words are appropriate to all registers.

Don't tear up your notes, MrP. They're fabulous. Why else use intonation if not to reduce ambiguity?
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