A drama that visits rural China, a plantation in South Africa, and Montreal's porn industry, to tell three separate yet universal stories, rooted to struggles with the HIV pandemic.

1) What does the word 'yet' do in the sentence? What funtion does it play?

2) Is 'rooted to struggles with the HIV pandemic' a reduced clause?

3) Would that be supposed to mean ' which were rooted to struggles with the HIVpandemic?'

Thank you
however, nevertherless

IMO, it should be rooted in. From the New York Times:

Eric Roth's Screenplays Get Made, Except the Ones That Don’t

... be much more rooted in fact than that film. ...
3. yes, but in
yet is like but. It introduces a contrast. It subtracts something from the preceding word.

separate yet universal indicates different but, at the same time, having something in common.

I don't think this is a sentence as written. It should be is rooted, not just rooted.