You're unique

You've got the power to turn the night into a day

To make the good and the evil

Get on well and play

To turn a lion into a servant or a slave..

*** *** ***

You're unique

You can paint the sky

With your harmonious words

You can unlock the door

Leading into the rainbow

And into the depths of the Universe.

Your smile becomes your magicwand

When it's time to unravel a curse.

*** *** ***

You're unique

You can knock out sorrow with your one blink

Even the Lion King can calm down

In case it hears you singing

Not only peaceful but also inspring..

*** *** ***

You're unique

Nightingales get jealous of you

As your voice echoes through the night

Cicadas discontiue tooting

And foxes put an end to their fight.

*** *** ***

You're unique

I start to miss you as soon as I get home

Longling is an internal tornado, 3-2-1 and boom!

Afterwards I close my eyes to your smiles in my mind

They're successfully recorded

It doesn't matter even if I become blind

I'll love you forever, I mean it

You're one in a billion, you're unique...

sweeeeet are really talented

i wonder to whom you are writting this poem..he is really lucky;)
Thanks Aleen; in fact there is not a "lucky man" as you mentioned above..
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You are unique

and that's why I loved you

You know I still am

I always think

that the man who would get you

is a lucky person

Whether it will be me

or other