'I said it was time to go,'said Peter,in a very determined voice.'And you and Binkie are to come too,Susie.We can't leave you here alone.'

'Oh yes you can.I don't belong to your silly Secret Seven,'said Susie at once.'I'm not under your orders.'

'Well, you're under mine,'said Jack firmly.'And you know that Mother said you were to come back with me.And we are going RIGHT NOW!'

Please explain it to me tht why auther has used you are to come instead of you are coming with me. this contaxt is from Enid Bliton's Puzzle For The Secret Seven.


'You are to come' is a rather formal way of saying 'You have to come'.

That's why Susie feels that Peter is giving her an order.

Thank you so much for your help.Emotion: smile