What does "off" mean?

Monica: How'd you pay for them?

Rachel: Uh, credit card.

Monica: And who pays for that?

Rachel: Um... my... father.

[Scene: Monica and Rachel's, everyone is sitting around the kitchen table. Rachel's credit cards are spread out on the table along with a pair of scissors.]

Monica: C'mon, you can't live off your parents your whole life.

Rachel: I know that. That's why I was getting married.

Tara2What does "off" mean?

used for saying which person or thing something is taken from
Let’s see if we can get some money off my Dad.

Tara2you can't live off your parents your whole life

you can't expect your parents to pay for everything you need your whole life


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Sorry CJ, is "off" like "away" here?


Sorry CJ, is "off" like "away" here?

No. "away" is not possible there in that sentence. Emotion: sad


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Is that which meaning of "off" in a dictionary, please?


Is that Which meaning of "off" is that in a dictionary, please?

Definition 14 in the MacMillan Dictionary.
Definition 2 (preposition) in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.




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