Hi guys,

Can you please clarify me this metaphoric phrase? I heard it in this context: "Waitress in the strip club sees the strip dancer counting the money....

Waitress: Hey, you shouldn't flash that around.

Waitress: Everybody here needs more money.

Waitress: What'd you do anyway, rob a bank?

strip dancer: It's from a customer.

Waitress (little jokingly) :You could ride that wave all the way home...Emotion: sadEmotion: sad...(Please guys, I'm out here...:-(((

strip dancer: It's not like that; he's a nice guy.

many thanks in advance for your help...

Best Regards
It means that she could continue to get advantage from her acticities.
Meaning here 'You could continue taking advantage of the guy.'
And I presume all the way home means completely.
Hi Madhulk,
Yeah, that is my guess too. But I have never heard that metaphore before Emotion: sad, that's why I'm asking here......Are you sure about that meaning?
thx and have a nice weekend.
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JCDentonHi Madhulk,
Are you sure about that meaning?

Only for the first part. I'm not sure is it completely though.
To ride on/a/the wave means to become involved with and get advantages
from opinions or activities which have become very common or popular.