Could you please tell me what he says here? You give me a turnip for...

(The old man wants Samson to marry his other daughter, Delilah)

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That seems to be what he says. He is cut off by the other guy before he can say what the turnip is in exchange for. I do not know of any saying like that, and I couldn't find one online, but I think it's clear that he is comparing the girl offered to a lowly turnip by way of expressing his distaste for her in comparison with the magnificent other girl.

Thanks a lot, Anon. I appreciate your effort.

Could you please me how the overall conversation (accent, etc) sounds to you? I must tell you that it it is not very easy for a non-native speaker to understand. Is it because the film is very old?



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Most of them are Americans using that old Hollywood-posh accent they used in costume dramas. Nobody really talks like that. Samson (Victor Mature) is talking pretty much like he always does, but his too is a learned accent, he having been raised in Kentucky. Delilah (Hedy Lamarr) was Austrian, and she is doing a sort of Gypsy accent or something, but she still sounds German, and even I have a little trouble understanding her.