Please explain me this, What should this sentence be ? You got me so hypnotized or you've got me so hypnotized? And what is the exact meaning?
Does it mean, u make me hypnotized? Can i use like this, You've got me happy? Thanks so much. xoxoxox
These best considered informal statements, and as such are both grammatically correct. The precise meaning is not revealed here; we need more context.

You got me so hypnotized-- past tense. You really fascinated me (e.g. yesterday)
You've got me so hypnotized-- present perfect. You have really fascinated me (e.g. recently)

The 'get me' form does not work well with 'happy'.
kanephoenix Can i use like this, You've got me happy?
Perhaps, "You've got me [to the point where I am] happy/hypnotized. (similar to "you have me to the point etc.")

A high school English teacher once forbade me to use "[the organization] has gotten off to a good start" in the school newspaper.
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Thanks u all
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