Meg: Mom, will you take me out to practice driving?
Mom (Lois): I'm teaching a piano lesson in half and hour. Maybe your father can take you.
Meg: Please Dad! My road test is tomorrow and you haven't taught me anything!
Dog(Brian): Meg, you well may wanna find a better teacher than Peter(Meg's dad).

What is the use of present perfect here?

sarahlearnerWhat is the use of present perfect here?

What are the choices? Different grammar books group uses of the present perfect in different ways. It's impossible to say how this particular use is classified in the books that you are reading.

In any case, I don't see that there's anything special about that use. It's a very ordinary present perfect. You haven't taught me anything says that up to the present moment, no teaching has happened.

X = the present moment (when the sentence is said)
TIME > > > > > > > > >
< - - - - - - no teaching during this time - - - - ]X