What is the meaning of the third condition here?

Before you contact me, please make sure you fulfill ALL the following requirements:
1. You must provide your product specifications
2. You must provide your price, your packaging method, your payment term and your FOB term.
3. You must be able to provide international business references
I would think it means that you will have to provide references from other companies to prove that you have traded internationally before.
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IC. Thanks for your reply, Nona The Brit. It is a strict requirement because it is business secret which we wouldn't like to expose.
In my opinion, it means that you should provide some information to prove that you have the ability to built an international business with your customers. Of course, the references from others to prove that you have traded internationally will be perfect.
In some sense, you traded internationally w/ others before doesn't mean that you can do that at this time. It just show others that you own the experiences to trade internationally.
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Thanks, Wendy.