MIT is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a highly respected university in the U.S. They are conducting an online music study that you can participate in, if you want.

Here is the information from the study's home page:

About the Music Universals Study

This web-based experiment is part of an investigation of the universality of various aspects of music perception.

  • Why do we like some sorts of music but not others?

  • Are there innate constraints on how we hear music?

  • How do people perceive the structure of music?

  • Collecting data from around the world can help to illuminate these issues by revealing how different aspects of music perception vary with culture, age, musical training, and other factors. By taking part in our study you can provide us with some of this data!

    Anyone who wishes to do so may participate in our study. The questions should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.


I'll take the test sometime. Here is another link to a test of musical perception ability by the University of Newcastle upon Tyne:

It takes less than 10 minutes and the only reward is the satisfaction of finding out how good you are.Emotion: smile Remember, though, that you are likely to get about 15 right by just guessing.

woo hoo I got 28 out of 30!
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Hi Nona

We should form a singing duo because I also got 28 on the same test about six months ago. (I hope you can sing in Finnish?) I wasn't satisfied and took it again, but to no avail, I still got only 28 right. However, they sent me an e-mail and promised to send me the overall results of the survey or test or whatever it is when they are ready. I am waiting!

I also just participated in the MIT survey, and can recommend it to all.

Keep on singing
Sadly I have a good ear for music but not a good voice Emotion: sad. I know exactly where the note should be but my throat can't always get there...depressing. I wish I were tone-deaf then I wouldn't know when I hit a bum note. As I can hear when my notes are wrong it makes me too embarrassed to sing if anyone else is around Emotion: embarrassed.

I used to be ok. I sang in the school choir, but I've lost it Emotion: crying.
The MIT one isn't a "test" in the sense that you can't get a right or wrong answer. It has to do with how your preceive the tones.

Westerners hear minor chords as "sad," for example, based on the chords we know. I'll go look at your link now. Emotion: smile
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