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Thanks for the SPAM informaspam. I have always had a big problem with SPAM. I couldn't even get out of bed in the morning without a good hit of SPAM.
A few years ago I got really bad when my dear Barbie got crushed by a Hells Angle (BENT ANGEL). I progressed from merely smoking SPAM to snorting it! Then I even tried SPAM supositories! What fun ... but messy!
Now I mainline my SPAM. Let me tell you, it takes the power of three angry motherless paciderms to force the SPAM into my bloodstream through one of those syringes you usually use to pump-up basketballs.
I'm so glad you have come to my rescue! Iwant to thank you so much ... but I guess that would be a bit premature since I haven't tried your anti-SPAM SPAM yet.
Well, thanks anyway. I'm off for a hit ... oops, I mean to play basketball.
What the heck is this SPAM stuff anyway?
What am I missing out on?
Where can I get some SPAM?
What does it do?
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I'll bet any money that all 3 of these posts are by you chary.
Do you really think so Henrietta? The writing styles are all a little different don't you think?
I think the first one was written by a true professional SPAMMER, the other two look like fakes to me.
Of course I really wouldn't know one SPAM from another SPAM, so I could be wrong!

If anyone would like to add their feelings about SPAM to this thread, please feel free - but please do not try to sell us any!
Yeah you're right Mike. Just took a second look..the first one seems like real SPAMMER style, but the rest are more like SPAMMER posers.

SPAM SPAM SPAM!! LOL! Can't get that word out my head now!

How much SPAM would a SPAMMER SPAM if a SPAMMER could SPAM SPAM - couldn't resist!
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Ok, I have to:

[8]Spam spam spam spam. Lovely spam! Wonderful spam! Spam spa-a-a-a-a-am spam spa-a-a-a-a-am spam.[8]


Those guys were way ahead of their time!


The Americans finally caught-on and passed the 'CAN-SPAM Act', but I believe the Brits have been canning SPAM for around 100 years!


Pssst .. wanna know a secret? SPAM makes a great weapon when loaded onto a spoon and flung with enough force. I think this was the British secret weapon in The Faulklands! Harriers were also fitted with a slightly higher-tech STEALTH-SPAM delivery system. Very clever!

I'm not sure whether it's true, but I heard the American 'stealth' aircraft are actually MADE of some kind of SPAM composite material. Apparently their parts need to be baked in a high temperature oven before use. If an aircraft is downed the pilot can survive for days by eating the fuselage (after softening the pieces by dipping them in lager).
Emotion: stick out tongue Lol, I really enjoyed your post, Hitchhiker!!
Monty Python!! Thank you for showing us the script and the video. Emotion: wink
Spam spam spam spaaaaaaaaaamm! Looool!!
(I was half expecting I would be able to watch your singing in the video, though......)

Several months ago I was sent an message by email titled "New system started." (or something like that.....I don't remember exactly.)
I thought it was from my bank that I often use for my business....but it wasn' know what. Yes, it was spam. The perfect pyramid scheme of spamming was shown there. To earn some money very easily. I read all the information in it and I thought a lot of people would be interested in starting spamming to earn a lot of money........
After reading it, I just threw it away. But from that day, very constantly spam had been sent to my account for about 2 months. I tried to get rid of it, but the email address of the spammer was changed so many times and I was sick of changing my computer's setting for it.
(Luckly I was able to get rid of it.)

Spam, spam, spam....... is there anyone who can stop spammers to spam spam.......??
How many spammers are there in the whole world!?
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