You recently received a letter from a friend asking for advice about whether to go to college or to try to get a job. You think he/she should get a job.

Write a letter to this friend.

In your letter:

  • say why he/she would not enjoy going to college
  • explain why getting a job is a good idea for him/her
  • suggest types of job that would be suitable for him/her

Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear ...................,


Dear Hoa,

I hope you’re well and thank for writing to me. And I just wanted to write a quick letter to tell you that you should get a job instead of going on an university .

As a student who finished academic courses ,I want you to know that university education has mainly focused on theoretic concepts instead of practical knowledge ,this has caused unemployment for most graduate students .Furthermore ,most students seem enjoying parties and early relationships with opposite-sex classmates but not pursuing university education ,which can distract you from the whole university time.

Having a job can help you not only gain practical knowledge but also earn money early while other students are still sitting at the school with their financial burden of tuition. This’ll be an obviously advantageous choice to embark on your careers early .

You’re very good at using computer graphics .Why don’t you apply for an advertisement business ?. It’ll be definitely a good option to gain advertising experience before you can run your own company.

I hope you’ll consider to make the best choice .

Best regards,


anonymousWrite a letter to this friend.

Hello Anonymous;

If you want my feedback, you will have to register here. I do not spend time and effort on people who don't take the few seconds of time to register. All these anonymous posts are all lumped together and do not reflect the work of individual students.

Many of the other teachers feel the same way.