Hi guys,

I feel a little shame about this question, but why not. That's why you're here..:-)). During my emailing with developers from US I wanted to say: ".....now open the drawing in Microstation and you should be seeing the difference/ you should see the difference". Please what is correct? What form would you use in this context? Which sounds you more natural? I can't tell...:-((((

thank you a nice weekend to all!!

I must disagree.

If you are on the phone with them and you are talking in real time, then "You should be seeing" is okay, but otherwise, use "You should be able to see."
In my opinion, "you should be seeing" is more natural and more polite.
Again there is no need to be ashamed about such things, as we all tend to make mistakes on simple things more often.
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Thank you GG for your note. I'll keep that in mind !!!

best regards
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