At a grocery store, the cashier gives me a change of five dollars instead of six. Which is best to say? A. This is the wrong change. B. This is a wrong change. C. This change is wrong. D. You gave me the wrong change. E. Your change is short. F. You short-changed me. G. None of the above
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That is an interesting point that it might be a regional variation.

Let's say that you are a cashier and you came up short for the night, meaning that you ended your workday with less cash in your register than your sales total.
Is it acceptable in your area to say, "My drawer was short"?

That sounds OK to me, although cashiers may have other special jargon I don't know about.

eg I think they often talk about their 'tray' rather than their drawer, since they bring the tray and insert it in the drawer.

They might also just say 'I'm short', eg 'I'm short $20'.

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C. This change is wrong

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