What is the role of 'would' here?

Teacher: Children, back to your seats. The snow can wait. Now, now. I've hired Professor Hinkle, the magician, to entertain at today's class Christmas party, so, pay attention!

Narrator: Now, Professor Hinkle was just about the worst magician in the world.

Professor Hinkle: And so, I put the magic eggs into my hat. Abracadabra, to coin a phrase... [Laugh] And voila, the eggs have turned into... Messy, messy, messy. [Children groan] Where is that rabbit? Hocus Pocus! Where are you? Bah, the only thing this hat's good for is the trash can!

[Children laugh] [Bell rings]

[Children cheer]

Professor Hinkle: You would dessert Hinkle the- OUCH! For some stupid- OW! Frozen water?!

Teacher: Deary me, Mr. Hinkle, sir. Are you quite alright?

Frosty the snowman cartoon

Tara2Prof Hinkle: You would dessert desert Hinkle ... ?

= You [are willing to / want to] abandon me? (Prof. Hinkle is feeling unappreciated and offended.)

'dessert' is the last part of a meal — something sweet to eat. That's very different from 'desert'.


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Oh sorry CJ, I didn't notice to its spelling. Many thanks!!!

But 'would' is used for willingness in the past and 'will' is for present. How did he use 'would' for present, please?

Tara2But 'would' is used for willingness in the past and 'will' is for present.

No, you can use 'would' as a softer form of 'will' in the present.

Actually, you can borrow any of the preterit (past) modals (would, could, should, might) from the past into a present situation. Historically, should has already been permanently borrowed into the present.


Thank you very much!!!

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