One day a young man from the developed city came to the bank of the river in the rural village.

" Sorry , Can you take me to that small island?" He asked the old man in the very very small boat.

" Oh! that's far, boy.Why are you going there? "

" It's because that I'm a man from the city and I wish to develop that FAR-BEHIND-THE-TIME island."

As they were traveling to the island the young man started a conversation again.

" So, Are you a fisherman? "

" Err.Yes and I also have a job as to take people to the island there, there, there, and there."

" Whay do you still use that paddle instead of a new steering gear "

" What's steering gear ? " the old man asked doubtfully.

" YOU DON"T KNOW STEERING GEAR?Emotion: surprise ........OH MY GOD! You've lost 20% of the modern life.What about sky train? Have you ever travel by it? "

" Sky train? Is that the new breed of horse? "

" What?.....Emotion: big smileHAAA HA HA. You must be kidding. You don't know sky train? OH MANNN.Again you've lost 50% of modern life. "

Te deed Te dee Te dee Te dee.[8][8] A young man's mobile phone shaked.

" What's that noise? " Curiously the man asked

" Just a message from my friend " the young man pick his mobile phone up to read a message from his friend.

" Message? Is this what young men in the city call massage? "

" MASSAGE ? HA HA Don't tell me you think that the shake from my mobile phone will be some kind of massage!! HaHA"

" Isn't it ? By the way Is that thing a mobile phone? "Emotion: geeked

" HahAhAHAHAAAA Are you joking? Old man,you've lost 80% of modern life!! "

As they were in the middle of the river. It started to rain.A wind blowed heavily. The Violent storm started to make the boat unsteady.Emotion: stormEmotion: lightning

" YOUNG MAN ! ! CAN YOU SWIM? " The old man shouted through the heavy strom.

" I CAN'T. " The young man shouted back.

" HA HA BOYYY , YOU ARE LOSING 100% OF YOUR LIFE ! ! ! ! ! "Emotion: winkEmotion: paradise

Well. Hope You guys find this joke funny.I just translate it from a Thai joke

and change a little bit because I can't remenber the whole story.I read it long time ago.

Anyway sorry if There's a mistake. Emotion: smile
it's a old joke, but it's very funny!
I will lose my excite life if i miss this story hehe