What's you're astrological sign?
Do you think there are similarities with those who were born under the same sign?
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Dear Wistiti,

My sign is Aries. We do not believe in astrology.

Best wishes, Emotion: smile
My astrological sign is Aquarius. Although I do sometimes read the horoscope in the newpaper for the fun of it, I don't believe in astrology.

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Hi, Sheeplover! It's also Sarah, isn't it?
Well, I'm not talking about horoscopes, I was more thinking of similarities betwen persons under the same sign.
For example, I'm cancer; I know many cancer persons here, and I've realized we understand eachother perfectly, we share the same kinds of reactions, humor, etc...
What's more, both my parents were capricorns, they had a little cancer girl, and now my 13-year long boyfriend is a capricorn!
My young son is Aquarius, like you, and I swear that if, at your age, he can assert himself as pleasantly as you do, I'll be very proud!
Sorry that I didn't quite understand the question. Thanks, though!

Hey, there's nothing to be sorry for, Sheeplover!
Maybe I could have expressed myself more clearly Emotion: smile

How would you define yourself, that I may know what my son's gonna be like?
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Let's see... how would I define myself? First of all, I have very strong opinions on just about everything, that I'm not afraid to voice, but I try to not be a push-over or annoying. I like to make my own decisions and lead things, but I'm really not all that outgoing or anything. (outgoing being a peron who could sing in front of a 10K audience and nevev break a sweat). Actually, I'm quite timid. It's an extremely complex combination. I love music"and I love to hqve fun!

My dad, a!geneologist, has fixed in me a fascination with history, while }y mom, the children's librarian4for this area, has taught me to love literature. Within the last three years, I've picked up the mountain dulcimer, bowed psaltery, and guitar and learned that I can play by ear. My next music music mission? The bagpipes! Outlandish, I know, but yet so interesting.

So that's a little about me,
Best Wishes,
Good day, ouistiti!

I know only my sign of chine, it is pig!
Thank you for all the details, Sheeplover!
I'm not sure I would want my son to start the bagpipes, but well, if that's what he really wants! [doting parent emoticon]
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