What do you think your best friend should be like or if you have one describe her/his personality?
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I have 3 best friends, they are unlimited to describe, they follow me even I turn back to them when sometime I got a big headache in my life. Always send me card, New year and birthday even I've never sent to them. Even I do such bad to them but they still think I am their friend so I give them to be my best friend.Emotion: big smile My best friends all are different, we always fight each other.

Here, I vote for you as a best friend of everybody, Layal.[L]
Thanks Atitaya, that's kind of you.

But what make you vote for me as a best friend of everybody??? you don't know me???

thank you once again .......[K]for you
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I have one best friend. And as Atitaya said they are unlimited to describe.Emotion: smile


thank u for this topic.[Y]


Iam from Gulf and I know u r too, so i hope to became a friend.Emotion: wink

Thanks Hoor AL-Ain

but tell me about your best friend ???
She always think to me ..ALways send me gifts even in normal day.. she doesnt has any envy and this is the most important

thing. when I made mistake she doesn't be angrey or upset to me ........etc

I cant describe .All the good charctires she has.

Emotion: smile

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My best friend is a very kind and I'm consider them as sister .

we are two person in the one soul ..

I can't describe her virtues or her white heart ..

thanks my dear about this intersting topic[F]
Why is very hard on us to describe our best friend?
It's easy if I would say "my best friends are very good" but it seems not enought to describe and I felt not like to write a very long story and I don't want to go deep in some feeling and have to cry unnecessarily.Emotion: big smile

What about you Layal? How is your best friend? Do you have one?Emotion: smile
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