Hi everyone!!!
I'd be curious to know your best vacation ever!!!
so if you want to share your memories,. you've found the right spot!!
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Hmmm.. you took me back some time i must say . thanks
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My one day trip to water theme park - Black Thunder - TamilNadu, India. We went as a class summer trip and it was my first experience in a water them park. I was 15 years at that time!
Now 20 years.

It was excellent and I'd like to have some more similar experience in due course.
Hi Bypraveen

have you been to the Taj Mahal? I have always been fascinated by this beautiful and imposing monument...
Is it tha vacation is "vacances"?
Then my better vacatnio it was when i go with Justine at the sea and she has can to go with me in the sea and the she was all wet and then i dry Justine in my teeshirt and then we go eat at the mac donald and then we sleep in a tente at the plage.
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yes, 'vacation' is the american term for 'vacances', and in british english, they use 'holidays'.
quite confusing, because in the US, 'holidays' means 'jours feries'...
Yes, Amandine. I've visited Taj Mahal just 3 months ago! It was very beautiful.

Have you ever visited it?
AAh, thank you, amandine. When is it that t=you take your following vacation and where is it that you go?
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