In another thread virtually all respondents have said their own country is the best place to live in. I think that is perfectly understandable.

However, if you were forced to emigrate from your homeland, where would you go for the rest of your life? Let us assume that there would be no language barrier because you would have an excellent command of at least one of the languages spoken in the country of your choice.

If you like, please give reasons for your preference. It might also be interesting to hear which countries you would definitely not want to go to.

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Hi Cool Breeze, unfortunately I've not seen so many foreign countries: I've been to the U.S., France, Switzerland and Czech Republic and I can say that maybe among them I would choose France, because of the climate, the art, the history, the food, the wine ... Emotion: wink

I don't know if I have a 'definitely-not-want-to-go' country...probably I wouldn't go to a country where the political situation is not stable, in which a coup d'état is likely to happen
I am more unfortunate than Francesca .I have not get any chance to go abroad.But I have heard Switzerland is very nice place.I want to visit Italy,Austria,Spain,and Russia.I also like to visit Egypt.In fact I want to go to every where ,if I shall get chance.

But will never settle in any other country because my country is my own country.I have every right here .
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I think i would choose the USA or France
I would go the The Netherlands or Italy. The simple reason is that the weather is not very warm during the year, okay, it is true that I love warm weathers, but, only in Summer. During Winter I love to see how the snow falls even if in my city the snow hardly ever remains on the floor (?).

..and the place where I wouldn't live is a place without seasons..Emotion: rolleyes
Maybe is France,That's really an Attractive country~Emotion: smile
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And romantic!
Remember the French Forein Legion, foreigners. Every man can try to join the legion. The legion is my dream.
Hi everyone!

Without the shadow of a doubt Spain would be my choice! ;P

Why Spain? Good climate?
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