well thats one of my tries ..
tell what u think ..

..:: You're Eyes ::..

I've always wondered ..
Why you're so silent ..
And why you're always quite ..
Yet you're so strong ..
Even with no sound ..

And I've always wondered ..
How you make your point ..
And make people do what you want ..
Without using your tongue ..

I've always liked you ..
And never thought I'd go farther ..
And deeply love you ..
But now .. because I love you ..
I no more wonder ..
Because I know how you do it ..

your eyes talk !!
and I found out .. they're a whole new world ..
and they're to me the meaning of love ..
and for you & them I would surrender my soul ..
without a single second thought ..

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hey cutest! thats a very beautiful poem!
oh thanx deepa ..
glad u think so ..
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OK. Congrat. You did it. Touched. Emotion: crying
The bottle's open,
The cork hit the kitchen door,
My feelings are spilt all over the floor,
You swept them off my feet,
Bare, naked,
without you
I live.
Emotion: smile that was nice ..
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It is not nice!
it is ..
when someone owns u like that it is nice ..
he just needs a couple of lesson's in how not to leave u ever again ..
If you say so, may I offer you a glass of happiness?
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