I'm a bit subjective with this one,'cos it's mine. Actually its cost/benefit ratio is quite a good one. The book is 50 USD ( 60 pages), the addenda with the explanations ( 180 pages) is 80 USD . Limited stocks.
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Could we have a copy, Pieter?
One? One? Ten samples at 80 USD each ( book+ explanations).
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Gosh, i don't understand what all these capitals stand for. One ( book+explanations) is enough for me, thanks.
It may seem expenswive , but this means that all samples are specially made according to the buyers needs. As a Ferrarri. The title for instance can be changed to " Your ears everywhere " for a reader who has a blind person she/loves very much and would be annoyed by the original title. Or to " Your belly everywhere " to readers whose husband/wife has eating disorders. And so on. The dedication can be signed in in whatevever language you want, all the European languages, including Bosnian, and the major Indian, Chines dialects. The signature can be Peter Szabo, or Pablo Picasso, or Margaret Thatcher, or anyone else's. The price on the cover can be modified from 80 to 800 or 8000 USD, but not more( snobs pay attention).
So if I wanted to buy a copy, which title would you recommend, dear?
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I don't know your name. It could be Mary's eyes everywhere, Samuel's eyes everywhere or Jo's eyes ewerywhere. Though, I hate this name.
Don't tell me you have problems with names!!! That is a very unfair comment.
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