I am collecting English proses to increase vocabulary and idioms. I find proses at length of a couple of thousand words are most helpful in terms of easy management.

do you have your favorite English prose that you can recommend to me.

here are a few of my favorite:

Sunday Before the War

The Lowest Animal

Rural Life in England

better still, they are available over the internet.
Pchuang, are you only looking for essays or non-fiction, or short stories as well?
essays and non-fiction. mainly.

but short stories are ok. just they are more demanding. generally speaking.
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essays and non-fiction. mainly.

but short stories are ok. just they are more demanding. generally speaking.

the lack of response on this post says much about the English learning method these days. most people learn the language only want quick results, or to pass exams. there is little appreciation of the language and culture and history associated with it, which is sad indeed.

i do believe you have to have passion to learn something well, and i also believe the English language possesses some unique quality in terms of humanity, given the fact that many great ideas were originally articulated in the language.

let me suggest that the forum shall have a space called "the appreciation of the English language" so people who do have a greater interest in English can exchange their ideas.
Too hasty, Pchuang. Give people time to think!

Of Gardens by Francis Bacon is one of my favourites.

Dr Johnson and His Times by Thomas Babington Macaulay

They by Rudyard Kipling (short story)
The Last Leaf by O. Henry (short story)

I'm sure, given a litte time, other people will give their choices too.
thanks for your help.
you have given me hope. thanks.
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The 'I have a dream' speech by Martin Luther King.
yes, that is my favorite too.though i find the words are rather flowery, so to speak.i was wondering at one time if those audience on that day fully understood the speech as they were listening to it.

great speech indeed. makes me cry every time.
See this site:


it has many classical works, e.g.:

Anne of Green Gables, by Lucy Maud Montgomery
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